My practice is dedicated to leisure, a necessary tool for self-actualization.

I value creating participatory experiences for ‘celebration, learning, play, rituals, + rest’. I care about opportunities that enhance people’s quality of life through meaningful time. This means doing things that are inspiring, fun, and healing while also recognizing the importance of trauma aware approaches.

My previous background as a museum professional and arts administrator started in 2013. I have 9 years of experience organizing within institutions and my local neighborhoods using frameworks rooted in intersectionality and ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility’ (DEIA) work. I’m an advocate for issues related to racial and gender based justice, primarily centering BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Within my administrative responsibilities, I have facilitate arts & cultural experiences for groups of tens to hundreds of adult peers, seniors, and youths. I have lead and managed public art projects across Chicago, IL and Albuquerque, including murals, social practice projects, cultural events, and educational courses. I’ve worked with fellow artists, studios, schools, and non-profits.

My education includes independent studies plus formal teachings in various esoteric and cultural studies that inform my crafts. I’m trained as a traditional western astrologer primarily by The Oraculos School of Astrology, in addition to several recognized experts within the field. As of 2023 I am a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner having studied under The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis. My mentorship in indigenous curanderismo rites has been by way of Erika Buenaflor since 2021. I graduated with honors and received my BFA from the the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018.