Hypnosis is a goal-oriented style of meditation that can help accelerate our self development. When we enter a trance state, it becomes easier to unlock memories, reframe beliefs, and reconditon our habits.

75min Session | 175.00

This offering is soley dedicated to the hypnosis experience.

It's a singular session perfect for people curious about the practice, or those who have already worked with me in the past.

For astro-hypnosis, we'll need more time to discuss your chart properly. I recommend any of the DAYDREAMING sessions below.

DAYDREAMING - Integrated Astro Hypnosis

ONE x 120min | 250.00
TWO x 60min | 250.00
THREE x 60min | 300.00
+60min | 75.00

Daydreaming is working with the medicine of our imagination and our brain's neuroplasticity. Choose between a deeply focused 2-hour consult or two 1-hour sessions a week apart. Sign up for the multi-session package to structure your experiences across a month-long intensive. Let your experience bloom over a period of time to ensure you reach your desired objectives.

Additional consultations that build on the same topic can be scheduled individually for up to 7 weeks after your original purchase date.

manifestations supported by celestial timing

These sessions incorporate your Solar Revolution Forecast. We can tap into the energy ahead using predictive astrology techniques to more easily align with your ideal outcomes.

ONE x 120min | 280.00
TWO x 60min | 280.00
THREE x 60min | 330.00
+60min | 70.00

"KPF is a gentle practitioner who uses a tender approach that is valuable for anyone seeking safety first and foremost while working with another through spiritual practices. — I was able to honor visuals and use them as tools to uncover hidden emotions I didn't realize I could express."

January 2022

"KPF took a patient and calm approach throughout our work, always cultivating a supportive and safe environment. I always felt heard and comfortable with KPF. Our work has accelerated my personal growth and exploration during other practices, such as therapy. I am continuously practicing and applying what we illuminated and integrated through our hypnosis sessions."

July 2022

"The session expanded my understanding of astrology through a deeper reading that moves beyond pop astrology. Previously, I have done pre-recorded guided meditations that involve hypnosis but not with another person in the room. It was a deeper experience because KPF could recall helpful details I don't remember."

October 2022

Looking for just Astrology?

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