Hypnosis is a goal-oriented style of meditation

...that can help accelerate our self-development. Tap into your subconscious with this Hypnosis at Home broadcast.

You might have noticed some recent breakthroughs since the new moon Eclipse of April 8th. As the moon moved through the sign of Taurus the following days, it made contact with Jupiter and Uranus. I have loved working with this combination of planets and their timings, and now I want to share this exercise with you.

Moon, Jupiter, & Uranus

In Taurus this combo carries potential for breaking emotional patterns or habits, particularly those related to seeking comfort and pleasure.

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The secret to making these changes stick is working with our brain's neuroplasticity to inspire alternative 'default' narratives. We can do this through many practices that engage with gentile, nervous-system regulation. Personally, I like to work with hypnosis.

Whenever I've facilitated hypnosis under this transit, my participants have been able to suddenly snap into new perspectives that help them see the world in ways that are more aligned with who they dream to be.

"Moon-Uranus is for the cycle breakers...

...especially those tackling deeply rooted, often inherited tendencies."

I'm releasing a ~45 minute guided hypnosis recording inspired by ♉︎ Moon-Uranus transits.

This self-paced session is available for you to listen to at your convenience. The recording includes a bonus 10-minute introductory segment with instructions and intuitive messages for participants.

+ Astrology of April 2024
Learn more about the Solar Eclipse eclipse in my last astrology breakdown below. Listen to the audio recording or read through the transcript notes.

When to practice this Hypnosis

This recording was elected[1] to be facilitated, recorded, and edited all on Moon-Uranus transits during Jupiter Hour[2]. It carries that energy with the intention.

🏁 Don't worry if you see this later! You can still get the change-making benefits of the exercise.🏁

However, a few dates that I suggest you try this out:

Try On Astrology Transit
13 - 15
Domicile Cancer moon square the Aries Solar Eclipse
April 17! Moon in Leo trines Solar Eclipse degree, squares Jupiter-Uranus
17 - 20*
Jupiter partile conjunct Uranus in Taurus.
*Favorable from here through the end of May
April 25 Scorpio moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter
6 - 8
Moon in Taurus, with Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, & Venus
(plus it's on a new moon!)

  1. Its creation was chosen, at an exact time and place by your astrologer. ↩︎

  2. More on planetary hours and how to work with them in a later article. Subscribe to stay updated. ↩︎

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Hypnosis At Home: Moon-Jupiter-Uranus ♉︎ Voice Only

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