Everything you need to know about the total eclipse from an astrologer's notes.

Join me in breaking down the transiting aspects and highlighting key activation dates to help you reflect on the current times. Written transcription is offered below for those who would rather read.

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Solar Eclipse - Aspects, Saros Cycle, and Reflections

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I'm KPF, I'm your trusted astrologer and friend, and I'm here to tell you more about the astrology of now. Everything you need to know about the solar eclipse in Aries and some of the astrology for April 2024. So for me the most notable thing is that this is taking place at the exaltation degree of the sun, which is 19 Aries, and this becomes incredibly auspicious, but it's also conjunct Chiron.

This is a partile conjunction, meaning that the sun, the moon, and Chiron are all aligned perfectly within that 19 degrees of Aries. So this is a new cycle of understanding some of the deep hurts and wounds that we might carry, and the medicine that we can use to heal by living in our true authentic nature. But another thing to know about this solar eclipse, Mercury is very closely conjunct to the sun and the moon and Chiron, and it's not only retrograde in the sign of Aries, but it's also conjunct Aries, which adds another layer of some of the disharmonious communications that we've been having.

Because Aries is a celestial body associated with strife and discord, so that on top of Aries, take everything that Mercury stands for, Mercury ruling over communication, detailed planning, short trips, and then place it in a Mars ruled sign. So think back to the end of December when Mars and Mercury were together in the sign of Sagittarius, and notice the kinds of conversations you were having at that time, the disagreements or the miscommunications. That's a similar nature to what we're experiencing right now, but it also could be really great for having a lot of inspired ideas and having this burst of energy.

Here's a couple of dates that might be important to keep in mind. Mercury is going to pass through these sensitive degrees three times during its transit in Aries. The first one is going to be on April 15th, where it hits that 19th degree of the solar eclipse. It's still retrograde at this time, and then the second time will be when it stations direct and moves forward, again hitting that 19 degree on May 4th. An important date to note is going to be May 10th, when Mercury comes right back to the same degree where it's at right now, 24 Aries. So these three are going to be threaded together in the greater understanding of whatever's taking shape right now.

Beyond Mercury, there's a couple other aspects that are taking place between the rest of the planet. On this same day as a solar eclipse, we will see the conjunction of Mars and Saturn, the two malefics of the sky. So this is probably where you're hearing a lot of the negative sensationalism going around on the internet, because Mars and Saturn have a really negative connotation to them, and they often will bring hardship and struggle, because that's what those two planets represent.

And I don't want to sensationalize this any more than it has to be, but I'm also going to tell you it's not going to be an easy journey. Things that are worth it aren't always easy. However, there is a saving grace here, because it's softened by this sextile between Jupiter and Uranus. Although it might not be an easy aspect for the fixed signs like Taurus, it is beneficial because Jupiter is going to try to do good wherever it's at. We got the Sun, Moon, Chiron, and Mercury together on the North Node at the exaltation degree. We got Jupiter, Uranus, sextile, Mars, and Saturn, and they're basically bookends of the midpoint, 19 Aries.

Everything's really talking to each other, and it's kind of overwhelming for a couple of people. You might notice folks getting overstimulated, easily agitated, and one of the greatest pieces of advice that I can offer to you is to not take things personally, and to keep moving forward. To notice other people, and they're overwhelmed, and to not internalize that.

That's one of the lessons that we could be learning from the South Node, moving through the sign of Libra, which often is associated with being complacent, with being too concerned with other people liking you, almost to a fault. It's about people pleasing. All of these themes are being brought to the surface to be regurgitated and to be changed, and for some of us, it might be helpful noticing the last time this cycle took place.

We can count back to the previous eclipse in Aries, which would have been last year. However, there's one that's more closely associated to this one. Each eclipse is tied to a saros cycle, and this one we classify as 139. So the last eclipse in the same saros cycle would have taken place on March 29, 2006. That eclipse was also conjunct Mercury, this time at 8 degrees Aries. It was sextile Chiron at 8 degrees Aquarius, very similar to what we have going on now, but the ruler of that eclipse, which was Mars in the sign of Gemini, was in opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius.

If you could think back to some of the themes related to Aries and Libra that were showing up in your life around 2006, apply them to where we are at right now to understand some of the cycles that you're currently in and how they're showing up again in your life. However, the difference is that you might be more well equipped, well aware, and able to change the way that you respond to things. You're not able to control other people or the situation outside of you, but you can be accountable to the way that you interact with the world around you.

That's the important thing to learn here. So, the second set of dates I want you to pay attention to have to do with Mars, and Mars is incredibly important as it's the ruler of this eclipse. Mars will ingress into Aries at the beginning of May and will arrive at 19 degrees on May 25th. By that time, whatever is meant to transpire should be clear to you. These eclipses are going to usher in massive change and it's going to be much more sudden than the last series of eclipses that we experienced. Why? Because the last series, although they were also Mars and, you know, Venus ruled, they were in the fixed signs, which means that those changes take shape in a very slow, deep-rooted way.

So, Scorpio and Taurus eclipses were also squared to Uranus and Saturn, which just created insane amounts of difficulty and long-standing barriers that had to be confronted with. But the cardinal eclipses in Aries and Libra are much more fast-moving, and so you can expect these changes to transpire between one to three weeks, really. And, of course, for some, it'll show up a little bit later, but for the next month and a half, many of us are going to see sudden changes in our lives and also the people around us.

So being open to whatever pivots come your way is going to be massively helpful. Just one of the thoughts that you can consider as you're moving through the shift, you are embarking on a new way to express your authentic identity. And I think another thing to know is, like, all of these things together really bring up discomfort, and so you might notice other people becoming overwhelmed or easily agitated, and it's important to let those feelings play out, not taking things personally, but to also know that you don't have to internalize everything.

I think one of the most helpful things that you can do at this time is just keep moving forward, honestly. Just, it's okay, even when it's not okay, and just keep moving forward. And with some of the heavy hitters that I mentioned earlier, it really is not a time where we can control the outcome. However, we can control our response, taking a stance, making choices, making decisions, and just going for it. But it takes action towards it, even if it's the wrong one, and pivot and redirect whenever necessary. For some of us, that's going to be easier to break away from relationships or habits or ways of thinking and understanding ourselves, because what we're releasing, the untold expectations that we have between us and a partner, friends and co-workers, and it all starts with you understanding your own needs, desires, wants, being selfish with your energy, and also noticing that other people might also be needing to be selfish with their energy.

And if you don't like it, you don't have to remain in people's lives, they don't have to remain in your life, and I think that's the helpful part of the Mars-Saturn conjunction, to be able to create those boundaries, to sever the ties, and to move forward accordingly. So Aries is about making decisions, taking action, owning up to your mistake, where maybe we weren't our best selves, and maybe the conditions weren't right for us to really show up how we were meant to, but we have to be accountable, and not push the blame on others. It might be important to just intentionally slow down, and really notice where you're at, and more importantly, what you want.

This can also relate to who you really are, because Aries is about the self, it's about I am, and that really is a moment. Eclipses are a moment of stillness, rest, surrender, release. Another additional tip, look at the solar eclipse and whatever house it lands in, and then consider the two houses next to it. So if it's in the fifth house, consider the sixth house of health and service, and the fourth house of home and family. If it's in the 12th house, consider it the first house of self, and the 11th house of friends, and put all those together. Because essentially, the clustering of planets in Aries, Pisces, and Taurus, that we see currently in the sky, that's all activating a certain part of our chart.

When you interpret how this eclipse will feel for you, consider all of the moving parts, and whenever you need a little helping hand and understanding, interpreting it more specifically, you can always reach out to a trusted astrologer. Anyways, I hope you found this really helpful. If you enjoyed this, I invite you to subscribe and to read about some of the other ways that the Aries-Libra axis is showing, plus astrology in your inbox. But thank you so much for spending this time here with me. Happy solar eclipse.

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