Someone asked me if it was better to work with the moon Tuesday or Wednesday night. Honestly, I say ‘do you— but 100 thousand percent Wednesday night is better' and here's why:

Remember we’re celebrating the full moon while the sun is in Virgo. That means the moon should be 180° across from it in Pisces. Except the moon didn’t ingress into Pisces until Wednesday morning around 9am CT. So even though it appeared full over the past few days, before then it was still in Aquarius— a rather difficult place for the moon to be transiting. There in the fixed air sign, the moon has no dignity and is disposed of by its counterpart, Saturn. So you can already see how Tuesday was not in ideal alignment.

◽◽◽ Malefic Meetups ◽◽◽

There's more to reflect on for Tuesday night since the moon squared uranus, trined the south node, and occupied the Neptune-Pluto midpoint, in that order before being (or during– depending on your methodology) void of course; which is where no more aspects are made before switching signs. This is basically a limbo period where the moon's at the critical 29th degree for a few hours. People tend to avoid doing anything they want to continue on a void moon. In short— the journey leading up to this full moon was met by all the outer malefic (♅ chaos, ☋ drainage, ♆ illusion, ♇ poison) while in the final degrees of aquairus before starting a new path in Pisces.

From there it met with a retrograde Saturn during the daytime, just hours before the full moon Wednesday night at 8:35 pm CT. Followed by a connection to Neptune leading into Thursday night.

◽◽◽ Heightened Dreams ◽◽◽

What could this look like for you? At least 3 days of weird dreams or maybe trouble sleeping. Perhaps the opposite of being too sleepy. Either way expect to continue having strange vivid messages from your subconscious during this stretch of time. Pay attention to your dreams and more so the feelings that they evoke within you, especially the challenging ones. Ask yourself what you might be skipping over that needs your attention to actually move forward.

◽◽◽ Saturn Signature ◽◽◽

But honestly, this Pisces full moon is vastly different from the ones we’re used to because not only is Saturn also in this sign, but it’s just 4° away from the sun and moon on the Virgo-Pisces axis. Astrologers who work more intentionally with the skies would consider this to be a hard full moon for any kind of lighthearted manifestations.

This is a better period for intentional removals, restrictions, and reality checks.

Because of its Saturnian influence, it's best to have a clean plant to put in the hard work, be disciplined about those healthy boundaries, or sacrifice to get what is ‘right.’

Depending on where this moon lands for you it can be most helpful for long-term commitments we have for ourselves. You can see how this is far different from the ways people are used to working with usually dreamy Pisces moons. However, it is receiving some subtle, wide aspects from Venus and Jupiter that soften the most challenging parts of these lessons and allow us to be a little more playful in our approaches.

Between now and 2026 we're going to figure out what it means for us to have moon-saturn transits in the part of our charts represented by Pisces, as individuals. This year is the first time in 27 years that we see the two planets meeting up here ♓︎ .

Watch what comes up for you during this full moon as it’s likely to reveal what these monthly rotations can highlight- or inhibit- because it’s Saturn.

This time is especially important for people born with their natal Saturn in the sign of Pisces (exact dates below), who are experiencing their first Saturn return right now at 27 - 30yo.

These are people who were born:

  • May 20, 1993 9:57PM - June 30 1993 1:29AM PT
  • Jan 28 1994 3:43PM - April 7 1996 12:49AM PT

And of course, people with personal planets or angles at 7° in Pisces, Virgo, and even Gemini or Sagittarius are most activated by this lunation and their major themes brought by the slow-moving Saturn transit.

Astrology is all about time and when you get good at reading the astro clock you can get even more of the underlying motifs to be in your favor.

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