~ April 29th 10AM - 3PM at The B. Ruppe Drugstore.
CCC events are organized by Daniela, Mama Sin Vergüenza (IG / web) on the last Saturday of every month.

Walk-ins are welcomed but priority will be given to those who RSVP below. The benefit of signing up: your chart gets cast ahead of time for review.

The ABQ community who comes by in person will have access to a sliding scale at these rates:

Services / Suggested Exchange Full Mid Low
Horoscope + Divination $75 $70 $65
Horoscope Reading $55 $50 $45
Divination Reading $55 $50 $45
Quick Reading $40 $35 $30
Limpia Sencilla $20 $15 $10
Platicas based on your unique astrology, personalized horoscopes, intuitive readings, and limpias using various tools.
Come ask me about the eclipse season we're in!

Interested in hypnosis before I leave ABQ? Message me so we can coordinate. Learn more about the practice here: February's CCC @ B Ruppe's

  1. Sign up for your appointment here:

2. Fill out your intake form to complete your registration:

The Sliding Scale Guide for this Event

  • Full Cost reflects the true price of the service. It's intended for those who have financial security. These are people who have their needs met and can support their community in this way.
  • Middle Cost is for those who have access to steady income but are still facing insecurities with their basic needs or struggling with debt. It's a way for the practitioner to acknowledge that paying the full cost would prevent some folks from being able to attend.
  • Low Cost is intended for people with financial insecurity that prevents them from meeting their basic needs. These amounts reflect those whose economic circumstances would prevent them from being a part of the experience if there was not a sliding-scale.

Your financial support honors the time, labor, and craft of practitioners plus keeps the doors open and the websites running. *This guide was inspired by Daniela and her practice.

If you can truthfully afford a higher price please be mindful not to limit space for those who need the financial flexibility. Sliding scale efforts keep the work sustainable for us while making it accessible to our communities. Additionally, when practitioners are paid fairly, they're able to invest more time and resources into lower cost offerings.

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