Seasonal offerings at discounted rates only from 3/20 - 3/23

🔥 ASTRO-HYPNOSIS | Aries New Moon

What's so special about this offering?

The astrological timing that we can take advantage of to set new ideas in motion! I use this word very lightly, but if there was ever a time to manifest something, and see it come QUICK, it would be during this Aries New Moon!

This is my DAYDREAMING style of consultation bunched up into 1hr at the lowest rate of my astrology offerings. Normally my hypnosis sessions are $175-250. If you've ever wanted to try hypnosis or working with me, this would be a very favorable time with astrologically-fast potential.

🔮 INTUITIVE READING | Divination for Spring

What's so special about this offering?

It's been almost 3 years since I stopped reading tarot for new people so that I could work on other divinatory methods, particularly with astrology using, Horary and predictive techniques like Revolutions. I'm bringing this practice back, and have even picked up a few tools I enjoy more than cartomancy.

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