Venus + Neptune in ♓︎ is the epitome of the Valentine's Day spirit. It’s far too easy to get lost in your desires giving this week extra potency for any creative projects and personal pleasures. A little goes a long way with anything that momentarily takes you out of this reality~ make art, make love, make good choices.

Exalted Venus is sensual gestures, luxurious gratifications,and effortless beauty- craving sweet treats and flirtations. Neptune is imaginative and illusive. Together they can be superb creative artistry or a bottomless pit of overindulgence– easily becoming a dopamine excess slope.

VENUS/NEPTUNE Feb 15 2023 6:23am CST
Feb 15 2023
6:23am CST

Sobering experiences await later this week as the sun perfects its alignment with Saturn on Thursday, Feb 16 and we go into the dark moon phase. A reality check following a much-needed period of releasing, resting, and resetting before Sunday night's new moon on Feb 19 starts off Pisces season.

Mercury approaches a square to the nodes, while it’s separating from Pluto and a sesquiquadrate to Mars. The dramas that ensued over the weekend had much to do with communications in the heat of passion and heavily emphasized the way we interact with the world through technology. This, coupled with the Venus/Neptune transit, makes it easy to misinterpret situations, and the tension above suggests deceptions that create ruptures.

Venus/Neptune is the definition of having rose-colored glasses on. Some of the most subtle ways here are ghosting, flaking, or dissolving things. Venusian items can disappear. It’s also been a period where people have been getting sick, which is another Neptunian signature; But this marker doesn't seem as significant as some of the previous ones we’ve seen with the pandemic.

From an artistic standpoint, Venus-Neptune is about being on camera, making art, poetry, and generally all things heavenly gorgeous. This makes for a great time to be creative and dream, both asleep and awake. Pay attention to ideas you're having since they can foreshadow the next major transits through this part of your chart. Some ideas are easier to imagine than sustain in reality, it’s more of a fantasy aspect right now. Wait to make major decisions when people are more level-headed and enjoy blissful moments while they’re here. This is just a light teaser for what’s to continue in March and stay with us long-term.

Personally, I would say Valentines day (and particularly the night prior) was the most secretly auspicious of this month. This hidden aspect indicated Luck or at the very least inspiration– exalted Venus at 22° contranticia Jupiter at 8° Aries. Having the two benefits make any point of contact is seen as a good omen, and this one touches on what we explored last summer. This is quietly monumental since it’s at the degree in which Jupiter stationed retrograde back in July 2022. And as of Feb 14 Jupiter leaves this retrograde shadow onto new celestial territories.

We would also look at Jupiter for our analysis of the Venus/Neptune conjunction since it's the traditional ruler of Pisces. Transiting Jupiter currently in Aries, where it holds triplicity (a minor dignity), Meaning it's comfortable and rather capable of delivering on what it promises in your personal forecast.  Fortunate risks and rapid gains in this area of your life is a generous way to consider this signature overall. This transit will also be incredibly fast(!) since Jupiter will only be in Aries until May 16 and won’t be back here for a decade (April 2034).

So Jupiter in Aries tells us the underlying effects of this Venus/Neptune are quick, bold, and possibly impermanent. At least, in comparison to the upcoming Saturn transit, we will have a long three years to learn about commitments in this part of our lives. There are many interpretations here that we can explore together in the coming weeks (subscribe).

Notice how things will begin to move FASTER while we enter Pisces season in just a few days. March will be the busiest month so far, with 7 planets switching signs, 7 major conjunctions between them, and no retrogrades. In fact, we might even see some themes from the end of last year come full circle as both Jupiter and Mars surpass* the degrees they stationed retrograde at.

Jupiter Transit Degree Date
stations retrograde (Rx) 8°43’ Aries July 28 2022
stations direct 28°47 Pisces Nov 23 2022
surpasses* Rx degree 8°43’ Aries Feb 14 2023
Mars Transit Degree Date
stations retrograde (Rx) 25°36’ Gemini Oct 30 2022
stations direct 8°07 Gemini Jan 12 2023
surpasses* Rx degree 25°36’ Gemini Mar 15 2023

I suggest reflecting on your experiences between the retrogrades and the dates each planet surpasses that degree to help you understand where you’re at now. These themes should feel like they’re finally able to move forward swiftly and substantially over the next 1-2 months.

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