I've been highlighting these dates with some of my clients who are actively working on their intentions. Maybe you might find it helpful to watch for these dates in your own ritual practices.

For this entry, you've got the option to listen in to various voice notes I've pieced together or read the transrcipt.
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Pisces New Moon

Voice Memo - Transcriptions

If there was ever a time to actually make a wish it's during a Pisces new moon. And this one I think is absolutely wonderful because it's the last one we're going to have before Saturn enters the sign on March 7th. And Saturn is going to bring a lot more restriction and heavy handed responsibilities to this area of our lives, which is going to feel so different from what we've experienced over the last two years in particular. 

Because we had Jupiter in the sign of Pisces where it does its absolute best during the spring of 2021 and throughout most of 2020 to really. This was a once in a decade transit because it takes Jupiter 12 years to go through each sign of the Zodiac. 

With the presence of Saturn we're going to see a lot more slow moving energy, in comparison to the instant gratification and joys we experienced with the two benifics. You know, it's said that we don't pay attention when there are good things, transiting the sky, because it's just so effortless and easy. And that's exactly what we saw with Jupiter here and also Venus, as of recent. She's finishing her transit in Pisces, where she is exalted and we catch the very last anorectic degree during this new moon early Monday morning. 

When we actually look at the chart we see the sun and the moon together in an out of sign conjunction to Saturn at 28 degrees Aquarius; more notably, this is a midpoint between Pluto and Venus at 29 degrees. There are some subtle aspects we can read into, but no direct influence from any of the other planets. 

Honestly, this is really straightforward new moon which could be read as a very pure interpretation of Pisces, which is so dreamy, creative, imaginative, it's ideal for strengthening your intuition. 

Anything that's around this degree will be heavily impacted by the lunation. This is going to be so specific to your chart. Looking at personal planets that are here and also angles like the ascendant or the MC. So I'd like you to take into consideration well how does this apply to me specifically? 

So if you have anything here at one degrees Pisces 22 minutes or in the water signs at this degree this lunation is especially important for you. 

If you have something here at the mutable signs, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius. this is going to be a square causing friction. But some of the most challenging aspects could create an immense opportunity for growth in this area of your chart. You could also use this 16 degrees of the Cardinal signs as an octile or a semi square. Which would be Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra. But if you have no idea what I just said, that's totally okay. 

Some of the ways that I would work with the lunation personally would be to identify a manifestation-- I know this is like a spiritual buzzword and I personally don't like using it. But it really is such a good time to create a wish and to see it come true. 

I recommend using the time that the moon is in Pisces to set your intentions whatever you'd like to see come through over the next month. Some of the important dates I would look at are obviously today, Monday and also Tuesday, because the moon will stay in Pisces up until 9:00 PM. Pacific standard time.

And I know that a lot of creative people follow my astrology. So I'm telling you now that you should make art, I've been saying this for the last week. And I've been advising people that have come to me over the last two months. 

That this is a really fertile time. For just dreaming up the big picture. And then implementing a work structure for the next three years, because we're going to see Saturn slowly make its way through this sign. 

Today and tomorrow, really great for meditating or journaling, just getting all those thoughts out on paper. Let yourself be romanced by the fantasy of whatever it is that you're manifesting, and really allow yourself to dream big.

Six months down the line, the full moon in Pisces will be at seven degrees and 25 minutes on August 30th. So if you want to make this connection from the intentions you're setting up for yourself right now and how they're actually going to manifest in the next six months. This would be an incredible way to practically work with the energies over the next year

Transits and lunations are secondary to your natal chart. And all these other timing techniques that we could use to figure out more stories to this general interpretation."

20 New ☾ 1°♓︎22' 21 ☾ ♓︎ -9PM 22 23 24 ☾ ♉︎ 3AM- 25 ☾ ♉︎ allday 26 ☾ ♉︎ -8AM
27 28 ☾ ♋︎ 7PM - 1 ☾ ♋︎ allday 2 ☾ ♋︎ allday 3 ☾ ♋︎ -7AM 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 Full ☾ 16°♍︎ & ♄♓︎ 17 18 19 ☾+♄ 1°♓︎ 10AM

Some of the full circle moments you can watch out for are:

  • This weekend when the moon is at its strongest in the sign of Taurus, also passing over Uranus and the North Node, which can help us with breakthroughs and applications of these manifestations.
  • The first ingresses into Cancer few days of March when the moon is at home in cancer, also a strong placement to continue building on these intentions
  • Sunday morning, March 19 when Saturn moves over the degree of this lunation AND we see the moon return. By this point the dreams are ‘over’ and you’re faced with putting the work into actuality.
  • The morning of March 28 when Mars finally and makes a trine to this degree. I will admit this last one’s a little more intuitive but I’m throwing it in there because I know it will land for a few people.

And of course, we have the Full Moon in Pisces on Aug 30 6:35PM PT that will land just a few degrees away from this New Moon. I would encourage you to connect the intentions you’re having now with this time in the near future to help inspire you on these commitments.

Manifesting is more than just making a wish. It’s consciously making efforts towards your goals, and this can be incredibly challenging for people when they’re faced with their shadow characteristics or immovable life circumstances; blockages, limiting beliefs, sabotage, etc. This is where personalized hypnosis can be a wonderful tool to integrate with our astrological timings.

Drop your questions about 'manifesting,' Pisces session, or working with the moon below.

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