Pluto in Aquarius will be the talk of our collective experience for the next 20 years. Seriously! Just so you can conceptualize this– the ENTIRE history of what we know as the United States of America is contained within only ONE orbit of Pluto, 248 years to be exact.

So, of course, we’re witnessing a transformation that will redefine how we navigate our world.

The most impacted group will be the Millennials born under Pluto in Scorpio, roughly 1984 - 1995, with a few variations around these bookend dates due to the retrogradation. We also have people born in the ‘40s–’50s with Pluto in Leo, but I’ll be commenting on Millennials for this text excerpt.

Because Millennials will go through their first Pluto Square around the ages of 37-38, this usually becomes a marker for a pivotal moment in adulthood. It’s coupled with other, more personalized transits that flavor the individual experience, but for the most part, this period creates a profound need for self-discovery, authenticity, and re-empowerment. Often, this presents itself as a buildup of slow, gradual momentum that eventually reaches the threshold of our capacity, demanding we pay attention to an area of our lives. It’s a quieter coming-of-age story that can often involve crisis and catharsis.

Plutonic activations reveal unresolved lessons that individuals are meant to address in this lifetime. Hard aspects from Pluto (especially to our natal Pluto) give us an opportunity to break from deep-seated patterns. Sometimes, we discover how ties to previous generations have resurrected to play out again, this time in our lives.

Even though the Pluto story unfolds in unique ways, the essence or character of those themes is shared amongst the people of our generation. For millennials, some common tropes represented by Scorpio [trust, intimacy, power, control, shadows, secrets] will be challenged by this wave of Aquarius ideals centered on radical acceptance, equity, community, and collective liberation. The sentiment is that even if we don’t benefit directly, Pluto in Aquarius ideally sets up future generations to prosper, or at least to avoid the harms faced with no support in their reality. Because Aquarius is a Saturn sign, they must incorporate rules, structures, and boundaries to understand this transit. Try to make them healthy by dreaming of what the ideals would be.

It’s often not easy to acknowledge one's natal conditioning, confront the difficulties, and facilitate the metamorphosis associated with Pluto.

This process will be most intense for individuals with strong personal placements* aspected by Pluto by square, opposition, or conjunction. They are your Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius planets or angles (ascendant, medium coeli, etc).

However, each of us will embody the progression of these stories in unique ways. This is why it’s good to familiarize ourselves with our birth charts. An easy way to start making sense of this transit is by looking for the house containing Aquarius to identify key themes tied to this 20-year-long transit. Having a seasoned astrologer to help you navigate your introspection can offer insight into other cycles simultaneously taking shape.

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